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Thanks for downloading Start with Yoga, you can create your own routines on the app, and you can also share them too. Here’s a list of all the routines we’ve published – just click the link to download. If you’re looking for a link for the app click here.

Low stretching download

Temple routine download

Sunday mornings download

New Year Asanas download

Breathing flow download

Floor asanas download

Stretches to Wake download

New positions, standing download

Into the weekend download

Yoga flow download

Early morning routine download

Breathing focus asana download

Standing stretch download

June 19th new routine download

Morning routine for breathing download

Yoga morning routine download

Simple asana for sitting download

Quick standing routine download

New routine, 20th May download

New routine, 19th May download

Standing asansa download

Simple asanas for stretching download

Simple routine for balance download

Low stretching download

In balance routine download

How to create your own routine link

Drop us a note and let us know how you get on – we’d love your feedback.

Want to know more about Start with Yoga? OK then…

Start with Yoga is a Yoga App for Apple devices – we built it firstly as an Apple Watch app. We’d been looking for a Yoga App, but the ones we found for Apple Watch didn’t really do what we wanted – which was show a simple routine, with clear images of each position. They also charged monthly fees or had in app purchases.

So, we created Start with Yoga. You can create routines (using the iPhone app) and send them to your Watch. When you start a routine you can choose how long you want to hold each position, and the watch will give you a haptic tap to let you know that it’s time to change position – simple!

After a few months we released an iPhone and iPad version as we’d had lots of feedback that people without watches would like to use the App. So that’s it, it’s super simple – we hope you like it.

Here’s a link to the App store so you can find out more.

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